Metabolic Resistance Training

The workout plan that keeps on giving

You'll already know the reasons why regular exercise is good for you. And that combined with a healthy balanced diet you can avoid or at least reduce the prospect of getting diabetes, heart decease and other lifestyle related illnesses.

However, there are some question marks over what kind of exercise we ought to be focusing on? Whether we're doing enough or too much? Are we too old to start something new?

Our MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training) provides the perfect answer for men, women and children.


So what does a typical MRT session look like?

At Aspire UMA academy we combine a mixture of calisthenics (body weight exercises), compound (strength) exercises using multiple muscle groups and plyometrics training to provide an all round body workout. The exercise drills are designed to quickly elevate your heart rate and get your body pumping over a short period of time with short rest periods in between sets. On this basis we build volume in to our sessions, thereby increasing the intensity of the workout. The great aspect of an MRT workout is its fun and someone of any age or ability can participate. You control the intensity and volume. Go as hard and fast as you want or keep the pace moderate and controlled. With this approach in mind, it is truly the taking part that counts.

A typical MRT workout might consist of, for example, 5 sets of the following exercises being performed for 1 minute each with a short rest in between.



3.Mountain climbers

4.V-Sits ups


Our program at Aspire Academy goes a little further as we're looking to challenge the body and mind. So we mix in cardio, punching & kicking combos along with some mental agility tasks.